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"Having worked with DocuMed for close to a decade, we have learned to rely on their accuracy, consistency, quick turn-around-time, and responsive, pro-active customer service. In a business where accuracy and turn-around-time are mission critical, there is little room for error. In that context, DocuMed has proven itself a solid partner for all our medical transcription needs. In addition, DocuMed has separated itself from its competitors by implementing robust, user-friendly applications that streamline the entire process and increase efficiencies for all parties involved. In fact, DocuMed has moved beyond the traditional role of vendor and has truly become a business partner by anticipating our needs, understanding our goals and helping us achieve them. I enthusiastically recommend DocuMed." - Ronnie, Transcion

"You are wonderful! You always make my job easier. Thanks again! - JC

"I was previously using a transcriptionist who I was unhappy with. I was given DocuMed as an alternative. I called and a personalized solution for my transcription woes was formulated. Communication between the company and I are tremendous and always with an eye towards further improving service and the confidence of the referring physician. I would recommend DocuMed to anyone". - ED

"I would like to comment on our experience with DocuMed. We started using DocuMed in 2004. They pay great attention to detail. The staff is always pleasant and they go out of their way to satisfy our needs. I would not hesitate to recommend DocuMed to anyone". – RM

"DocuMed is GREAT ! Fast turnaround time and electronic documentation has greatly simplified my office life. I have very complicated patients in this multi-specialty Brain Tumor Center. Being able to communicate with other physicians rapidly and effectively is essential to success. Thank you DocuMed!" - Alex D

"We've been using DocuMed for years and the service and TAT are excellent. We recently gave them all our IME work as well. They are responsive to our needs and give us great service. – Cathy

"Working for DocuMed is a real pleasure. I find their relationship and interest in every one of their employees to be exceptional. Each person is treated as an individual who they are eager to please and will work around every client or employee to suit their needs as much as possible. Every question is answered with the utmost patience and they are always happy to be of help. DocuMed is professional and makes sure that their work is always up to their high standards. They help their transcriptionists reach their potential, by proofreading and giving medical advice. They are prompt with their pay schedule and are extremely honest. They deal with every employee as a person who is really important to them. Thank you. - AL, MT

"Working for DocuMed has taught me what it means to provide high quality work, with an emphasis on accuracy and quick service. A primary focus of the DocuMed is customer satisfaction, with the staff catering to each client's specific needs and always accommodating special requests. As an employee in this office, I am highly impressed with DocuMed's professionalism and expertise." - HN, MT

"You guys are the best to work with. I really feel like I'm part of a team rather than just another set of fingers". - DT, MT


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