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  Electronic Medical Records Integration
Market penetration of EMR software has been slow, in spite of its promise of better patient management.
We can help.
Providers can dictate encounters and DocuMed can take care of getting the data into the EMR.

EMR Integration Via:

  • Inbound and outbound HL 7 interfaces for audio and data.
  • XML parsing.
  • Remote connection or scripting.
About HL 7
HL 7 was formed in 1987 with the goal of developing an international set of open standards for data format and content to allow different health information systems to easily and effectively share data.

About Interfaces
Although the last decade has seen the emergence of many tools that make building an interface far less difficult, it remains, at the very least, a highly detailed project. Fortunately, most EMR software has the ability to output data for an interface. DocuMed can pick it up and return it.

Compliance may be an issue with your EMR software, and probably for good reason. If your EMR hasn’t lived up to its promise, all is not lost. DocuMed can get the data into the EMR without burdening the provider or staff.

We may already be interfacing with your EMR. Contact us for more details.
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Bottom Line: Your work is in your hands, done right, on time.