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  Send and Receive Medical Records Effortlessly

Envoy is our software perfectly designed for a busy medical practice. Powerful yet simple, it takes only minutes to learn, but saves hours of time.

Medical Records Envoy:

  • Created by DocuMed to meet the exact needs of our customers in the easiest , most convenient way imaginable.
  • Multi-functional, Envoy is a bi-directional interface with our servers.
  • Use Envoy to securely and quickly transmit audio files to us.
  • Use Envoy to fetch your done documents to your PC without any work on your part at all.
  • Envoy will automatically store backups of your audio files and then delete them when they are no longer needed.
  • Envoy will print your documents as soon as they arrive.
  • Envoy will save your documents into folders according to your instructions.
Just one example of our focus on making your practice run successfully, Envoy is a masterpiece of software design. Envoy is provided free of charge to our customers, included in our transcription service.

Contact us for a no obligation demo, done at your convenience, on your PC, online.
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Bottom Line: Your work is in your hands, done right, on time.