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DocuMed's Transcription Solution is specifically designed to help facilities both large and small significantly reduce and control the rising costs of transcription. To help you with your decision, use this calculator to see the total cost of your in-house services. Fill-in the form and press the Calculate button as often as needed. DocuMed does not record or save any of the information you enter. If you would like to contact us about your results or have any questions on how to use this page, click on the Contact Us button.
Your In-House CostsCost When Outsourcing To DocuMed
Labor CostsNumberHourly RateAnnual Cost
Management Support
Clerical Support
Independent Contractors
Staff Support CostsNumberUnit Cost
Health Package
Benefit Package
Other Benefit Costs
Equipment CostsInitial CostDepreciation
Transcription Equipment year
Office Equipment year
Other Equipment year
Other Costs
Office Space
Equipment Maintenance
Total In-House Costs
DocuMed FeesAvg DailyAvg PagesAnnual Cost
Other Fees
Total DocuMed Fees
Savings When Using DocuMed is

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